Railroad of border of Beijing ferry city is pulled move urban economy Tianjin to

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120 kilometers, this is the physical distance of Tianjin and Beijing; 30 minutes, this is the time space of Tianjin and Beijing; Family, this is the interior distance of Tianjin and Beijing.

On August 1, the pulse with two cosmopolitan international will agree gradually, their future, the meeting because " is half hours of life encircled " and close in some day 2 for one? Railroad is quickened, dream to quicken, everything is all possible!

Science and technology changes the life, it is this honest paradigmatic. Believe, can see not be future. We are really adv unimaginably the change with this what kind of city that 30 minutes of meetings bring us the life: Does Beijing job Tianjin live? Does Beijing earn money does Tianjin spend money? We feel such guessing is a kind of myopia as before.

What Internet of no less than brings the world is absolutely either " demon animal world " , however transparent with democracy, so, ferry tall iron is in Beijing to did not come 20 years, those who bring is absolutely it is not just more of rich and popular " the garden after the capital " , a China develops " triode " meaning, also be opposite not just actually whole northeast inferior hold the balance.

The drive ability of culture, how the imagination is not beyond the mark also.

About this, we let future tell future only.

New main trend of ferry of capital of group of bee settle or live in a strange place

Of city border railroad debut to be able to have to two cities economy urge considerably into action, this route should go 10 years probably, also may be 3 years, grow as citizen income, as fare of city border railroad reduce, gens of bee settle or live in a strange place will increase greatly.
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