Tianjin abstruse body board piece times of the Olympic Games after area is analy

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The smoke of gunpowder of Beijing Olympic Games just drops off, the match place that divides competition ground as Olympic Games football " water " become Tianjin a distinctive scenery line. Although the Olympic Games has ended, but the Tianjin that is core with abstruse body center abstruse body board piece rise abruptly sadly, it has become an area with ascendant most swift and violent impetus of Tianjin urban district. As a result of " water " it is place of Olympic Games match, so the traffic of periphery of abstruse body center, afforest, environment had simple change.

Traffic: 4 artery are straightway

As a result of " water " it is place of Olympic Games match, the road transportation of periphery of abstruse body center is already special and so mature. 4 of abstruse body center " long arm " it is 4 capacious driveways, part connective east, south, on the west, north 4 direction, the eastern side and the passageway south are brought up to be 70 meters about, bounty makes an appointment with 20 meters, be linked together with the road austral Wei Jinna road and red flag respectively; Northern part and the passageway in the west are brought up to be 90 meters about, width is 30 meters about, with Bin Shuixi respectively and link of approach guest road. The Wei Jinna road, road austral the red flag, Bin Shuixi and approach guest road was become quite " water " 4 circumjacent main artery. During Olympic Games match, these 4 driveways do not permit exercise motor vehicle, the audience that watchs the game can visit periphery area through walking only, the width enough of 4 driveways deals with the crowd at that time. The reporter interviewed the Olympic Games first match, contest hind and audience crowd leave abstruse body center together from Bin Shuixi path, occasion is very grand. The China center new city in quick way and sunshine 100 between, have extensive of imposing manner of a building grand grade separation bridge, this is bridge of frequent guest Yue; It also is abstruse body board piece significant traffic key position. Abstruse body center is proximate quick way, crossroads of Bin Shuixi path, Li Qizhuang and guest Yue bridge, string the fast circle with convenient traffic. Set out from abstruse body center, drive exercise can arrive at downtown 15 minutes flourishing a sector of an area, 20 minutes can reach a railway station, the car Cheng that heads for Tianjin airport needs 40 minutes only.
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