Tianjin is held greet Dawosi contest of skill of service of forum travel hotel

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On September 10 report: Dawosi is greeted in what held yesterday in contest of skill of service of hotel of travel of forum Tianjin city, take part in the match the player was revealed masterly craft, in the meantime, each each movement in the match, detail also shows this city to serve course of study to achieve the confidence that welcomes an activity and actual strength satisfactorily fully.

Yesterday, greet Dawosi forum Tianjin Contest of skill of service of city travel hotel undertook banquet of Chinese style make the bed, Chinese meal places banquet of stage, Western-style food to place the final of 4 projects such as stage, cocktail modulation respectively. Most the final that what begin first is Chinese style make the bed, after skilled preparation has worked, the player is divided to be twosome to have the competition, come from each 10 of big public house take part in the match player exert their absolutely vivid, wide sheet is shaken gently by players, spread out equably, cover bed put oneself in another's position well and truly, flat and whole act get sth done without any letup, agile, back-to-back move is loaded eider down bedding bag, shop by, movement of the first class that cover block also is finished in ground of the in an orderly way inside 3 minutes. Stage final is placed in Chinese meal banquet in, players are asked the decoration that finishs whole table inside 15 minutes works, the position that assures each dinner service even is exact without by accident, napkin folds a flower to want one-time shape and modelling is beautiful, the gimmick that connects tray and height have clear demand.

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