8 years industrial real estate becomes Tianjin space of development of market ma

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In land market shedding takes city of ceaseless, room low below confused condition, the wind direction of whole estate market has changed industry to real estate stealthily. It is reported, tianjin whole town clinched a deal in all July this year land 42, among them industry and storage use the land 29, industrial real estate makes market main trend. The expert thinks, although at present Tianjin industry real estate still is in,start level, but its development advantage and delayed effect are apparent. This is main because of the natural transportation division with solid industrial base, convenient Tianjin, Gao Shuiping's profession is taught and the policy of talent quality and country supports.

As we have learned, periphery of Tianjin urban district and seaside new developed area add up to program state level and area of garden of city class industry already amounted to kilometer of 600 more than square with the ground. And the area that developing at present is less than 200 square kilometer, shang Youchao crosses 400 square kilometer to be able to await development. The area of 8 big functions that plans in seaside new developed area in the area of 690 square kilometer, have area of 6 big functions 490 square kilometer is planned to expand line of business of abortion of industry and content mainly. This is worn with respect to be pregnant with future is right industrial workshop, hatch implement, the demand that industrial office building and content spread storehouse increases.

But, tianjin industry is landed all the time since the devoid Baconian summary to integral experience, the development plan of whole industry urgently standard. Tianjin industry real estate needs to sum up experience, widen eye shot, obtain more vast development space with its. Because of this, times of room be in harmony casts financing communication center, " new era is landed " net of real estate of industry of magazine company, China is strong strong together, make hand in hand first industry landed peak met Tianjin 2008 and trade collaboration negotiates meeting, for Tianjin industry high point sets out next dozen of ideal bases.
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