[City of 1] China building already showed big estate of American evidence south

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According to " financial times " reported on Feburary 15, in the past 3 the middle of a month, chinese estate market had appeared as similar as American market sign. The analyst thinks, the risk that business faces a few big estate of Chinese south is bigger.

   Much evidence shows building city is constrictive

Since nearly a few months, orgnaization of intermediary of an estate of Chinese closed hundreds door store; Stop to plan market fund open trade is increasing; Price of each district house also goes now to drop. All these the case of the as closest as American estate market half an year is similar. And the partial area that is in China, building city's constrictive signal already very apparent.

Because investor fears estate develops business to may be faced with,go bankrupt the crisis, estate of Chinese much home appears on the market the share price of the enterprise already relatively the high point last year drops more than 50% .

In experience continuously after old fast investment, china opens business to face two respects worry: The government is making economy drops in temperature hard, and the concussion that global market faces credit crisis. Current, chinese government is adopting the measure of different common to limit credit growth, plan to introduce more severe measure to hit development business " store up ground " behavior.

A few more current of estate business appear on the market the plan has been laid aside, but the most dangerous signal comes from at debt market. According to the data of Parisian bank, elegant room happy real estate and green city China used break a contact drop with sending a letter in October from last year period had grown more than one times, exceed 1000 to be nodded basically this month, this means investor uncertainty to had risen to higher level.