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  Southern market risk is bigger

As a result of above these reasons, the estate since last year November clinchs a deal the capacity has appeared to glide considerably. And the Guangzhou of two big cities of Chinese south and Shenzhen this glides the trend is more clear.

Compare with northward photograph, chinese south uses mortgage loan to buy a house more general. This makes the market is resisting when credit risk and economic growth put delay, appear more flimsy. Lucky silver is stationed in Eric Wong of Hong Kong analyst to express: "The risk that business of southern a few large development faces is bigger. "

  Develop a tendency for a long time to good

The solvency that current problem depends on phasic development whether can bringing about guaranty to borrow money appears problem. Major market observes the home thinks unlikely. From at the beginning Shenzhen house price appears to be propped up hard when rising considerably, economist thinks the estate market of Chinese whole nation still is stabilized relatively, the person that and the price is buy a house can susceptive.

Lyons negotiable securities is stationed in Shanghai analyst Andy Rothman to point out, price of house of 70 main towns rose last year for 8% , and townsman income growth is 12% . He expresses: "If estate market appears problem, because this locality element is caused,may not be too. "

Fast city is changed and the growth of middle class number will continue to prompt real-estate demand. In addition, the lever sex of Chinese estate market also is less than the United States far, because this bank is unlikely,loan bears bigger loss.

The Eric Wong of lucky silver expresses: "Although the house is bought when the high point of house price, the Chinese also will bear silently. " " the situation of China and United States is not quite same. If house price drops, may be to rise for a long time more the adjustment in the trend. "

  Conformity will become prospective subject

A lot of estate that face financial pressure develop business to also have other option. Although inland appears on the market,the company is in new add put leaven dough to be restricted, but the company that a few Hong Kong appear on the market has a lot of flexibility. In addition in recent years orgnaizations of a lot of illicit collect equity also invest an opportunity goodly in look for China.

Short-term the credit crisis inside also will cause estate market more buying, at present this market still is in " a large number of heroes develops simultaneously " condition. Parisian bank is stationed in Mark Lo of Hong Kong analyst to express: "The theme of below estate market one phase will be integrated, is not to go bankrupt. A few big companies will buy the company that faces liquidity problem, or be establish joint-stock company with its. Or be establish joint-stock company with its..
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