[2] investigates Guangzhou in recent years of room city change: The country adju

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Explanation: Resemble Li Zemin such family, both neither is belonged to low preserve difficult family, the cheap that cannot enjoy a government to offer rents a house, family of the good-paying in cannot calculating more, face the house price that rises increasingly to be able to hope the room is promoted only sigh. To them, the government is aimed at in the economy that place of low income family builds is applicable room, the likelihood is optimal choice.

Reporter: Arrived 1986 2005, guangzhou city in economy the altogether on applicable room just built 2.29 million square metre, difference is quite big between this number and effective demand.

Natural resources of Guangzhou city land and director of building management board thank Xiao Dan: 2003, 2004 when, the average price of housing of the commodity when the market is duped, the average price of skill building just 4000 yuan of money, and our economy is applicable the room also has more than 3000 to arrive 4000 yuan of money. (For instance) the question that before a few governments raise to want to solve pedagogic housing centrally, that moment is minute of blueprint, where be even you to live after two years, blueprint was divided, after building finally, the someone does not go.

Reporter: Where is reason?

Natural resources of Guangzhou city land and director of building management board thank Xiao Dan: This price difference is not big, so a lot of people chose to be able to have the big commodity house that chooses leeway more.

Explanation: After from 1998 the room changes, guangzhou center the city zone had 640 thousand to get government or unit objective divide a room at that time, still have 110 thousand public houses and 4 to 50 thousand solution tired room, cheap hires room, economy applicable room, gross approachs the in part of population of census register of central the city zone. But, in period of time, the commodity house of Guangzhou city and economy are applicable the room lay almost on same price level, so very much at that time Guangzhou citizen, in including, low income family also is done not have buy the first selection that applicable room regards economy as ameliorative living condition, the safeguard sex housing such as applicable room built economy to also appear for a time backwater condition. Begin from 2006 however, new demand of round of consumption drives house price to rise at full speed, for family of this low to hoping those who improve housing condition is medium income and Guangzhou municipal government, it is only then expect do not.

Natural resources of Guangzhou city land and Huang Wenbo of deputy director general of building management board: (We) the essence to housing, mix with respect to double attribute and that to the market knowledge that a moment ago I say deepness is insufficient, we thought in the past our commodity, should make market economy, should enter this market, will solve by the market, but our just oversight is housing problem, it contains the attribute of the people's livelihood, so housing problem cannot pass the market quite completely to solve, what the government should move still is to should move, of this safeguard want to ensure, of this adjusting control must want adjusting control.
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