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Guangzhou citizen

All-round victory (China) buy course of study limited company He Haowen of senior inspector general

Su Zequn of members of standing committee of Guangzhou city municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor

Xie Xiaodan of natural resources of Guangzhou city land and director of building management board

Natural resources of Guangzhou city land and deputy director general of building management board fizzle out Wen Bo

Guangzhou city estate trades Li Xiaojuan of vice director of the center that register

Guangzhou citizen Cao Cuilan

Guangzhou citizen Lize civilian

Guangzhou city asks for ground office vice director Huang Dong

Keep benefit estate (group) Wang Jian of Inc. vise general manager

Force of eminent of Dong Yuyuan of · of fine horse scene's selling manager diligent

Chief inspector of project of limited company of development of estate of fierce of Guangzhou city Beijing fizzles out peak

Studio: This moment a year ago, if you pay close attention to house price, that can ignore Guangzhou with respect to scarcely.

It is Guangzhou house price rises first jump house whole nation at a draught the 3rd, it is Zhang Anning of Guangzhou city mayor then publish an address for many times on behalf of Guangzhou municipal government, take the lead in in the whole nation high-key put forward to want to restrain house price to spend rapid growth. So when after lying between a year, what change did the estate market of Guangzhou city produce? Whether did the acceptance of Guangzhou municipal government cash?

Begin caption: In January 2008 Guangzhou

Explanation: 2003 3888 yuan, 2004 4618 yuan, 2005 5117 yuan, 2006 6373 yuan, in October 2007 11574 yuan, these 5 numbers are to came 2003 2006 of house of commodity of Guangzhou city skill year all valence, in October 2007 of skill room year all valence. Come a few years house price rises ceaselessly, the pressure buying a house of Guangzhou citizen is greater and greater. With was 2006 exemple, price of Guangzhou town house rises amount to 23% , far tower above Guangzhou city GDP increased rate 2006. And in Feburary 2007, guangzhou house price rises compared to the same period 9.6% , after growth rate ranks Shenzhen, Beijing, rank the whole nation the 3rd.

Guangzhou citizen: Economic income also is not very tall, we buy a house to also be canned not afford.

Guangzhou citizen: Before this commodity house should say to be in 3 years, 6500 yuan (every smooth rice) , I am sure in urban center the position can choose, but already absolutely now impossible.

Guangzhou citizen: Be too expensive, the house all round 10 thousand.

Reporter: How many years does the consideration buy a house?

Guangzhou citizen: The consideration is very long, but without money.

Explanation: He Haowen, all-round victory (China) buy course of study branch of limited company Guangzhou is advanced chief inspector, will be engaged in for years secondhand the room trades, pay close attention to commodity of Guangzhou city skill all the time room and secondhand room market.
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