[After 2] spends the New Year, what does house property promote? The Spring Fest

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Forecast 4

Property tax is executed not so fast

Happen to the end of the year appeared suddenly last year " property tax " , still take operation of commercial real estate first allegedly. Natural, of the Spring Festival popular forecast also cannot leave this topic, and discussion result is: Estimation does not have what to be affected greatly temporarily. Basically, with all possible means the viewpoint all does not value property tax carry out, property tax it may be said " thunder is big, raindrop is small " .

Whether to ask for property tax to you can stablize house price truly? The answer basically is affirmative. Duty Wu group is at present newer also to the concept of property tax, of each country call a law to also differ, basically say " property tax " or " landed duty " , basically wait in the light of land, building praedial, ask its are possessory or tenant is annual capture pays regular tax payment, tax cost lets the production value of house property and rise. Property tax is praedial retain the taxation of link, the influence to estate is self-evident.

But, can property tax leave after all proof? The answer basically is negative. Because collect the lawful sex premise of property tax,be to cancel estate of gold of sell one's own things of land value added tax, land, city duty exist with property tax the one-time tax cost of coincide, otherwise old tax cost was not divided, new duty fee comes again, to consumer, belong to double collect tax.

Next, the technical requirement that imposes property tax is very complex. How should duty radical decide, be the praedial property that will collect with property tax or takes hire in order to win will collect? How should be tax rate limitted, each district circumstance all not identical, collect after all 1% still collect 3% , annual perhaps tax rate basis of estate value differ and change? Want value of information of individual house property, estate appraise to wait only one satisfies a requirement hard, with respect to a great disturbance that can lift the estate market with interest unusually complex dispute. In the meantime, should make tax of property of each square widespread support, the most important is to make a place public finance is transparent and efficient, make the people knows the utility of taxation. Say with its property tax is the challenge of pair of property holder, be inferior to saying the challenge that is communal to local government finance sex and diaphaneity.

Forecast 5

Can intermediary still go much further?

Last year, estate intermediary market of the whole nation faced an acid test, many big intermediary cannot bear the fault pressure of capital catenary, suspend payment, for a short while, intermediary industry a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound, a few months do not give simple case to be able to be found everywhere, big intermediary fell, small intermediary also fell. Can Xiamen intermediary still go much further? Estate intermediary worries about this from trade public figure, also be common the person that buy a house cares.
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