[After 1] spends the New Year, what does house property promote? The Spring Fest

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Busy move walks along everybody to visit friend in person during the section, the topic that can chat always cannot leave this current popular term -- estate, all over great river north and south with respect to Lian Gong spring also move estate late, essay " dreamy home " criticise development business and ad business cheat the person that buy a house together, also strung together many new expressions when bound of anteroom real estate at the same time, of estate popular spend this shows one spot. So, develop a case about the estate 2008, what does in the bookshops have popular forecast?

Forecast 1

What be short of on the market is not the residence however commerce is landed

2007 year end, get national house property new politics reach add the finance policy effect such as breath several times, residential market a bleak picture. Think those who buy a house to be forced to continue wait-and-see, dare not move tardy. But on the other hand, the circumstance of respect of commercial real estate is relatively some more hopeful. Before New Year, of CCTV news channel " news is investigated " interviewed landed character Pan Shige, when compere inquiry Pan Shige can continue to march when residential market, pan expresses, residential market of China is in 10 years time had very great progress in the past, the quality of dimensions, residence rose, but development business of China is very few somebody mixes capital energy is dedicated go up in office building and project of commercial real estate, far insufficient also to office building and the research with landed commerce, so they begin the end to shift office building and commercial development before two years.

And Pan Shige also expresses, in a few years of time in the past, they had invested a respect to accumulate certain experience in commercial real estate, the partner that also is a company created value. So, at present they won't consider large-scale march residential market, their principle is " what be short of above the market, what do we do " , that is to say, pan Shige values commercial real estate of future, still put company focus in commercial real estate to invest.

Indeed, the residential measure on market is short of really, if economy applicable room is calculated inside along with all the others, current residential amount is very considerable already. But, as a result of house price issue, those who can afford a house still is minority, appear then one pile person does not have a room to live, the awkward situation that nobody stays in one pile house.

Forecast 2

Land price returns to reason necessarily

To the land market 2007, somebody is so of appearance: "Frequency of king of ground of half an year goes out before, shedding of half an year is patted after ceaseless " , land market performed a big play of soul-stirring last year, and final the result wind up with super an unexpected winner. If the land market 2008 still lasts,this is planted stagnant state, what to mean to whole economic situation?
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