[2] silver-colored inspect meets a chairman Liu Mingkang: Our country reduces a

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  Agriculture Bank reform wants to finish this year

Be reformed to share-holding system of Chinese agriculture bank and the reform problem of national development bank, liu Mingkang says, the country opens the reform of travel and Agriculture Bank to undertaking be assessmented in the round at present, had not finished now. "As to the other issue of reform, still dare not predict now, because undertaking investigate and be assessmented, to make a speech, the reform of the Agriculture Bank must finish this year, the premier had announced this issue to the whole world in the report, financial reform and structural reorganization are this year a reform with very fundamental country, advancing in the center " .

   Be on guard risk outside borrowing crisis condition deliver

According to silver of report of Xinhua News Agency inspect can be held recently bulletin of situation of finance of economy of bank of first time foreign capital was met 2008, the conference emphasizes will continueing to carry out in China foreign capital bank " legal person is changed " oriented policy, with carrying out risk segregation effectively, be on guard the risk outside the condition delivers churchyard orgnaization, promote its thereby steady progress and defend safety of our country finance.

The conference points out, the near future, the United States second borrow the crisis to already made the whole world very how old model internationally financial orgnaization suffers loss of a huge sum; Because of,France starts trade bank inside accuse occurrence problem to form severe operation venture loss. Current, second the ultimate effect that borrows the crisis is not Anacreontic still, chinese silver-colored inspect is met will continue to pay close attention to closely suffer effect that borrows the crisis to affect bigger foreign bank to reach a branch in Hua Zihang to its, adopt more careful superintendency measure to strengthen the information that superintends authorities and person of the same trade with its mother country to communicate collaboration.

It is reported, fall in the setting of financial globalization in recent years, chinese silver-colored inspect is met the basis is active " regulation of foreign capital bank " drive in China foreign capital bank " legal person is changed " , up to 2007 end, our country approves bank of 21 foreign capital in all its Chinese churchyard branch changes make for bank of foreign capital legal person, the scale of bank of foreign capital of Zhan Zaihua of each major servicing already reached bank of foreign capital legal person or be close to 70% , foreign capital bank is in China the market structure of development came true by " branch dominant " to " legal person dominant " transfer smoothly. According to " byelaw " requirement, bank of foreign capital legal person should be withheld with its mother travel, churchyard firewall is built between branch, the built-in control system that installs independence, risk management system, financial accounting system and computer message run a system.
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