[1] silver-colored inspect meets a chairman Liu Mingkang: Our country reduces a

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" new culture signs up for " report, conference chairman Liu Mingkang is accepting Chinese silver-colored inspect when the reporter is interviewed, express, our country won't appear of similar United States second borrow the crisis, and our country reduces a room to borrow too without the consideration head pay.

   Loan increment and consistent last year

Go since the end of the year, stem from right " slant fast turn to overheat " anxious, our country monetary policy comes to first degrees 10 years to change direction " from close " , the loan of financial orgnaization puts in banking to be controlled strictly at the same time. Added loan newly this year in January to achieve 803.6 billion yuan record, more let a lot of people increase concern.

Have a change from tight monetary policy? To this, liu Mingkang expresses, do not have a change at present, what our country still executes is firm finance policy is mixed from tight monetary policy, "But this is not equal to or changeless, the change according to the situation or meeting are timely make adjust " .

Liu Mingkang points out, must observe calmly this year, because international country produces a lot of change possibly, do not have big improvement from close monetary policy setting, bank loan keeps basically this year consistent with the increment last year.

   "Without 0 paid issues "

The United States second borrowed the crisis to affect global economy, liu Mingkang expresses, our country won't appear similar problem.

"To estate this industry, of we or support " , liu Mingkang says, real-estate industry of China grows or have external demand, every every city, place is different, the method that develops business is different also, silver-colored inspect is met and the bank is paying close attention to, whether relax or father charge real-estate loan, this need stays wait for a commercial bank to be operated according to discreet principle.

Liu Mingkang says: "But have, china won't produce similar United States second borrow the crisis, the reason is very simple, we do not allow to reduce head pay scale, also do not have 0 paid issues, lost completely superintending is impossible " .