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The 3rd, affirm the integrality of property right, check a building to have without debt load, have mortgage without house property, include furtive guaranty, mutual person to wait a moment. After the person that should buy a house identifies place carefully to buy property of building property right, Fang Kean is bought completely, lest produce issue in the future.

The 5th action: Decorate a structure to clear up

Secondhand the room is taken mostly decorate, to buying hind brushstroke can be saved indeed for the person buy a house that enters instantly not small decorate expenditure. But for the person that buy a house to wanting what decorate afresh, when be about to buy its at first decorate a circumstance to clear up, the place that has decorated needs to be destroyed entirely, the internal composition that had better know its house pursues, the position of the strike that includes cop, main wall, it may not be a bad idea facilitates heavy new clothes is repaired.

The 6th action: Canvass of the configuration inside house looks

Buy secondhand when the room, the part inside house is configured (the) such as sofa, chest, air conditioning, bed, kitchen burning gas, water heater, phone, normally the owner below the circumstance is met convert into money or sell partly send the person that buy a house partly. The person that buy a house at this moment must not covet Xiaoli, must examine these article carefully to whether can be used, consider to buy again.

The 7th action: Property incidental expenses looks clear

Calculate the value that considers living charge water, report, angry, watch these cost how collection is to come era closes or oneself go capture, whether do 3 watches go out door. How much is seeing the level of collection of property administration fee that buys a house; Whether does the village close, security personnel level how, observe the amount of security personnel personnel and responsibility heart; Village afforest works how; Understand property management company to provide what service. In the meantime, drive oneself a group of things with common features examine its car even charge. If be the brand that high-level tower still needs to watch elevator, speed and administrative pattern, how to collect fees etc, these miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the charge of 8 makes clear Hunan ability sets his mind at to buy quite.

The 8th action: Neighborhood of seek by inquiry is harmonious

Between neighborhood harmonious matter to the person that buy a house in the future living life condition, good neighbour can make your life happy. Live here through dress and life rule judgement the social administrative levels of people, visit upstairs, downstair, Zun Zun, right right neighbour, understand them to live here satisfactory. Such, not only can shift to an earlier date with so that,good foundation is laid between neighborhood in the future good get along, at the same time can witting the whole that place of the person that buy a house buys a house lives atmosphere and oneself demand whether conform to.
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