[City of 1] Shenzhen building also bears the discount depreciates suffer

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With the Shenzhen building city that Dongguan borders, also bearing to suffer below enormous sale pressure.

The reporter is viewing dish of discovery in the process, latter, when development business is selling a building, the discount had become an indispensable sales promotion instrument, open a floor newly dish price great majority chose low. The building that a few cent period develop dish, its reduce scope relatively get on period building dish be as high as 40 % to control even.

Although " business of a lot of development has panicky mentality to depreciating, dare not depreciate, for fear that produces domino effect, for fear that falls again, bold and flowing of for fear that " , in fact, the fall of Shenzhen house price is very apparent already.

Leave a floor besides division of 10 thousand divisions dish outside already adjusting the price, the brand such as business of golden ground, action expands business by force of sale pressure, also must undertake the adjustment of different level according to different area position.

The four seasons that plum forest outside Shanghaiguan is located in Long Hua spring city, at present this Lou Panzheng is sold the 4th period. Price of its open quotation is every square metre 11000 yuan. Young lady of carry out building introduces, this is the price after passing a discount for many times, can make work at present room source is adequate.

Gansu of golden ground plum is pressed down 3 period with adjacent of photograph of city of spring of the four seasons, the wide attention of the person that its price is bought a house. Open quotation price also is controlled 11000 yuan in every square metre, still send whole house clothbound to repair at the same time. Computation comes down, remove valence essentially to drop defeat square metre of 10000 yuan of / , than 2 period dropped square metre of 6000 yuan of / , returned the house price level a year ago.

"We also considered the vicissitude of the market of different area, adopted different method, did the adjustment of a few prices, use a few different sales promotion kind to accelerate sale rate. " Ling Ke of golden land president says.

And inside the special zone, there were 5 buildings January dish public sale, also change the appearance of mad before price, the price is very rational.