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The reporter learns from Chinese buy area, this area is first since this year make area environment, urban infrastructure and pace of municipal facilities construction are accelerated further, urban carrier function promotes significantly. Before this year 8 months, gross of investment of urban and rural infrastructure is equivalent to Chinese buy area last year 6 times much, in the total that builds construction area to be equivalent to going 6 years, urban image promotes ceaselessly, it is calendar year will invest capital most, project estimates rate of the biggest, construction one year the fastest.

According to introducing, since this year, chinese buy area connects systematic construction to be advanced quickly to diplomacy. Road of littoral highway, Han Yu rebuilds, ferry Chinese road changes the key road construction such as the line to go well; Leave Chinese north road, newly south road, southeast the 9 towns road such as half annulus widens transform project complete be open to traffic; Chinese buy big bridge transforms finishing, the city zone east enlarge and sea are blocked outside move the project is started, preliminary formed a division inside situation of as stereo as other cities old liaison man.

In the meantime, construction of municipal and public facilities and urban development speed are accelerated ceaselessly. Current, whole of old the city zone transforms the river on the west, the city zone east enlarge, fill the sea to build the city such as land to develop construction major project to spread out in the round, old the city zone transforms 33 buildings that return change to be under construction on full steam, the city zone east enlarge begins 4.53 square kilometer to start area land level off, estate development momentum is powerful, construction area achieves 1.3 million square metre.
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