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  The first action: Situation is crucial

The future of building of decision of stand or fall of a sector of an area appreciates latent capacity. Secondhand to buying for Fang Chun living crowd, can choose those leaving that station, subway is closer as far as possible, the area with circumjacent commerce more perfect atmosphere buys a house, such not only on, next more convenience and buy food, shop wait to also be met very convenient.

Secondhand to buying the room invests a crowd for a long time

Character, best choice encircles mature, a sector of an area in business area of advantage of better, traffic buys a house, because mature ceaselessly as what business encircles,secondly hand room value also can fill fission to come out now, at the same time if building owner in order to hire the word of be commissioned to sell sth, its invest redound profit also relatively will considerable.

The 2nd action: Building quality looks complete

Building quality is the very main an assessment factor when buying a house. Current Beijing is secondhand room market, go up century of 80 time secondhand the room is general more, because these are secondhand,room time builds longer, use time is longer, because this is likely,take a line blowout of body of unreasonable, wall or desquamate apparent, ceiling often performance of ooze water, waterproof fire prevention is poorer wait for a state, the person that buy a house accordingly is in the choose and buy is secondhand these factors should note when the room.

The 3rd action: Door model the area should have been chosen

On century during 80 time secondhand the room is general door model the area is lesser and ventilated daylighting also has its limitation, and on the house that the century builds after 90 time door model begin gradually rationalize. Accordingly, the person that buy a house is being bought secondhand oneself should choose as far as possible when the room more take a fancy to that on one hand, be like first buy course of study person can choose those model small, total prices is relatively inferior secondhand the room transfers; And white-collar, office worker can buy those model opposite more capacious secondhand room.

The 4th action: Check of building property right is careful

In secondhand the room trades because property right is not clear,regular meeting of the classics in the process appears the dispute that bring about, because this knows state of clear building property right,be very important.

Above all, whether the house-owner that clears up property right card to go up is same individual with person selling a house and requirement bargainor offers lawful certificate, include property right certificate, identity document, qualification certificate and other certificate

Next, the area that affirms place of property right card is tagged and actual area whether conform to, check place to buy building property right to management department of concerned house property origin is as lawful as its quality.
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